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About Rapid Hour

Rapid Hour Limited is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading authorities that offer you to invest with them. They provide the best approach to all the users that they will share the equal profit from the trading they lead. This is the best and great opportunity in the cryptocurrency trading platform only for you. No more risk, no more waiting. You will gain the best output with the best share in the cryptocurrency trading world.

We are the leading profit-sharing platform in the crypto business. The investors who are looking for a long term run and improved planning through us, they can invest with us. Because we are are here to give our investors a growing opportunity by sharing the returns we gain.


Without any hassle and condition, investors can receive the share. So our vision is to move forward step by step. In this field of cryptocurrency trading, we will be moving forward to keep everyone together and hold our position. By increasing the value of our brand, we will gradually take on all the investors and stand in the world at large. We are moving forward with that assurance.


Rapid Hour Limited is determined to express its mission for the future improvement. They are growing their cryptocurrency trading policy for the investors. So placing the service across the whole world is the main mission of this leading platform. And making the trust and easy invest strategy to all users providing the profit share is the sub moto of it.

our Investment Plans

Payment Options

1.08% - 1.5%
Hourly For 96 Hours
Minimum Deposit $10 Maximum Deposit $5000 Principal Include 3% Referral Commission
5.0% - 8.0%
Hourly For 48 Hours
Minimum Deposit $300 Maximum Deposit $30000 Principal Include 5% Referral Commission
18.0% - 25.0%
Hourly For 24 Hours
Minimum Deposit $1000 Maximum Deposit $300000 Principal Include 10% Referral Commission

Officially registered company

The company is officially registered in the UK (12428801). All financial transactions are carried out in relation to the current legislation.

24/7 Support

Our knowledgeable staff is available 24/7/365 for help with any issue that may arise in your account.

Instant Withdrawals

At Rapid Hour we are always working on the addition of new withdrawals methods to facilitate our clients at best. Enjoy instant payments!

Anti Ddos Protection

Rapid Hour Limited has robust security measures with a tough layer of defense to stop attacks of all types and sizes.

Our Statistics

Started Feb 5, 2020
Running days 12
Total accounts 1617
Active accounts 1164
Total deposited $ 257093.89
Total withdraw $ 112863.03
Visitors online 198
Members online 27
Newest Member joymax
Last update Feb 17, 2020
Username date Amount Currency
john1984 Feb-18-2020 12:33:02 AM $10.00
joymax Feb-18-2020 12:32:16 AM $30.00
Evgen2000 Feb-17-2020 10:52:50 PM $10.00
n1kto253 Feb-17-2020 09:37:19 PM $15.00
DIGGER Feb-17-2020 09:32:52 PM $14.00
metla Feb-17-2020 09:27:03 PM $10.00
madmax69 Feb-17-2020 09:03:40 PM $10.00
nymburk Feb-17-2020 08:02:32 PM $10.00
KvaziRAM Feb-17-2020 08:02:16 PM $10.00
hyipmonitorplus Feb-17-2020 07:08:54 PM $10.00
Username Amount
cryptome $1400.00
edwardN $400.00
azoost $300.00
neymiyo $197.00
lexxxik $140.00
ARHIPOV $120.00
shamsj $119.60
nymburk $110.00
InstantMonitorCom $100.00
vvikkey $100.00
Username Amount
naale $107.01
InstantMonitorCom $160.10
uHYIPs.com $78.78
hyip.biz $0.00
bakster $0.00
allmonitors.net $0.68
dwikikurniawan $5.70
zizzoprofit $1.50
shamsj $13.29
edpr2140 $1.50